Attending my first parent teacher conference, as I listened to my son’s kindergarten teacher I found myself spiraling through a black hole as she described his learning difficulty. Confused and stunned, I consulted his pediatrician who directed me to a program that assessed my son and explained to his father and I that his learning difficulty was a problem in sequencing explaining why he could not remember the order of letters in words and numbers in counting. As parents, we were given strategies to help him at home, and his teachers were given the appropriate interventions to support him in the classroom.

That moment was thirty years ago. It put me on a journey toward understanding how each of us possesses a unique learning style that, once explained, leads to successful learning. For my son, it meant his becoming an effective participant in all areas of his life, from the classroom to playing soccer‚– which he loved – to family settings.

It was this experience that kindled within me the purpose to help individuals, from the youngest kindergartener to working adults. I aim to understand their learning styles and stylize the strategies toward fulfillment of their learning goals. This is my mission.