Dr. Gumina working with a client


For me, testing is a privilege as I come to understand a student’s ability to access, integrate, and process his or her learning accentuating learning strengths while identifying learning challenges.

Dear Parents and Friends,

I am a psychologist and learning specialist with twenty-five years of experience assessing children, teens, and adults.

I have combined my neuropsychological assessment skills with an extensive background in understanding the curricula of classrooms to transform disabilities into abilities. I believe that when attitudes of “I can’t do it” become “I can do it!” a student becomes a competent learner and confident in his or her abilities to succeed in the classroom.

During my work with students, they often ask, “What is ‘it’ that gets in my way of learning?” And,“How do I improve?” I tell them that it is through this work that, together, we will answer these questions and design strategies that will enable them to work more efficiently and effectively in the classroom and at home.

These questions compel me to help students understand their difficulties in reading, math, written expression, as well as with organizational and time management skills that have caused an unexpected drop in grades, as well as adverse changes in behavior and lack of motivation.

Identification of the causes through testing supported by immediate intervention leads to success in learning, increased self-esteem and confidence, and resilience. Any policy based on wait and see often leads to time lost, frustration, and failure.

If the expense of assessment is a concern, please visit “Logistics.” Even though testing is expensive, a thorough assessment that gives a diagnosis with specific recommendations is the best investment in your student that you can make.